NOY 4: Hamburgers Trail

Date: Sun. 21st June 2015
Location: Hamburgers Trail
Results: Easy Cass, Eleanor(5) & Harriet(3) 66:08


This was not an easy course! Well, I am sure it was for the experienced orienteers that don’t have two kids – including a 3yo who is too small to walk far and too heavy to carry!! However, this was a fun course. We had a blast. Well, I did. Eleanor enjoyed herself moderately, and for Harriet it was just hard work. Harriet was a bit sick today (a cold has been hanging around for two weeks). The course was rough, all the tracks were blocked by fallen trees, and the fallen trees were often so big that they required a big detour to get around them. When the track was small it become hard to maintain contact with it, and with my position on the map.

Harriet fell over 5 or 6 times before we just held hands for the rest of the course – her legs were too small and she was tripping over everything in the bush. It was scrubby, I held her hand to keep her from falling. I couldn’t carry her the whole way, maybe next time I will pack the ergo in the bag. She did good though. She stopped at one point and just sat defeated on her knees. I told her we could take as long as she needed. She came good. At the half-way point I told her I would carry her through the scrub parts and she could just walk the trails. I was impressed, she did it all without whining, even though I could see how hard it was.

We got lost several times, at one point I knew we had missed the control so I kept on going to the next control (I knew where it would be) so I could get my bearings and go back. I saw a women in the scrub, I suspect she was after the same control, but I didn’t want to yell out. I kept an eye on her to see if she had found anything, I was trying to keep up (as she was headed in the same direction as me) but there was a tree full of cicadas that Eleanor wanted a photo of, and she wanted to keep one, and then another interesting tree, and then Harriet needed a toilet stop. The woman got away!! Thankfully I saw her on her way back, closer to me, and she pointed me in the right direction.

I am keen to try a course without the girls, see how fast I can go without having to stop for them. I have my eye on the moderate short course – as there are no contenders for the series prize. If I could do it for the final 4 weeks, and score about 50 points per course, I have a chance at the series prize. Next fortnight is a coaching session and a minor event, so I think I will give the moderate short level a shot. My navigation skills are getting better, I have been reading the notes on the Newcastle Orienteering Website, things are starting to make sense.

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