Minor: The Range

Date: Sun. 5th July, 2015
Location: The Range, Killingworth
Results: Easy
Mod. Long
Bill, Eleanor(5) & Harriet(3)


I was so excited to do a harder course today. Yesterday I attended a coaching day in the same area. I learnt a few new things and feel so much more confident about doing a moderate course, which requires more navigational skills. Today I did the mod. long course. It was harder, I was exhausted when I finished, I fell over a couple of times because I didn’t have the energy to pick my legs up. It really made me want to get fitter – and I was grateful for that alone.

It was so much fun trying to find my way through the bush. I messed up two control points, punched them out of order, and had to go back. I had them all sorted so that it was okay when I finished.

Bill took the girls around the Easy course. I looked at the map afterwards, it was a boring course, mostly running along a wide length of dirt underneath the powerlines. I enjoyed the Easy course at the last event, but today it was uninspiring. He agrees, it is time for us to start taking the girls around the moderate short courses. They are roughly the same length, but far more interesting and challenging for us.

I am getting more comfortable with the rhythm at the marshall point. Today I spread a picnic blanket out and poured a cup of tea while I waited for Bill and the girls to finish. Unfortunately we were too slow for the sausage sizzle, and they had just started pulling down the kid’s string course when Bill and the girls finished. She kindly put the control back in place and let the girls have a go (I should say kindly, and happily). I had a good yarn to her, all the people at the orienteering events are lovely, I am starting to meet people, learn names etc. It is nice, and I am so glad we have joined this club

Both girls were a bit sick today. Harriet was exhausted by the time we got home!



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