NOY 6: Balickera

Date: Sun. 26th July, 2015
Location: Balickera
Results: Cass: Mod. Short 47:01
Bill Mod. Short 53:26
Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 1:10:20


Today we organised things so both Bill and I got a run. I went first while he looked after the kids, and as soon as I got back he took off, and I took the girls around the Easy course. It was great fun comparing results at the end, and we have both used runkeeper to for GPS tracking, so looking forward to uploading it to the routegadget website and being able to watch our runs side-by-side.

Update: The routes uploaded very easily onto routegadget, and we had great fun watching ourselves run the course and discussing our mistakes. I was doing really well up until one of the last controls. I planned to run along a big track until the spot in which a smaller track turned of it, almost doubling back on where I was. It was such an acute angle that I decided to cut across the clearing. I thought I was making the smarter move, and it would have been smart if the smaller track had been more clearly defined. However it was so feint that I crossed it without even realising… costing me 5minutes as a hit a second track further along before I realised my mistake.It was disappointing as when I looked at the results later I could see that it cost me places, I had been ahead of a number of competitors but they caught me at that control.

Bill had a similar result. He made a blunder at one of the controls and it cost him 15minutes. It was really his first time orienteering with a compass, up until now he has just walked the easy course with the girls. I was glad to beat him as I suspect it will be one of the few times that I do!!

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