NOY 2: Balickera

Date: Sun. 1st May, 2016
Location: Balickera
Results: Very Easy Cass, Harriet(4) & James (7wks) 40??
Moderate Short Bill, Eleanor(6) 70??


We woke up this morning to pouring rain. I was secretly grateful as a lazy day at home sounded great. However by about 8.30am we were both keen to go, despite the rain (and the 7 week old baby!). So we through everything together and set off.

We are still trying to figure out a system that allows both Bill and I to get a run. It is a logistical challenge. I want to run (alone), Bill wants to run (alone), Eleanor wants to do a harder course, Harriet wants to do an easy course, and James wants to be with me. This week we opted to send Eleanor with Bill on the Moderate Short course, and I took the youngest (despite saying that I would not take them both together again) on the Very Easy course.

As much as the Very Easy course is, well, very easy, it was clearly the best choice for Harriet. She hates going off-track as she trips over constantly. She ends up in tears and frustrated and I have to hold her hand over every obstacle. She is really competent in general, but it all gets a bit much when she has an unbroken hour of it. Today was one of the best events I have done with her, and I think I will stick with the Very Easy for a while. Bill and I want them to enjoy it, rather than dragging them complaining around a course.

I should add, the girls are always begging to go, and I have spent the last two months responding to the question “Why haven’t gone orienteering in ages?” (because it has been Summer). They just don’t have the stamina for long distances over off-track terrain. In other words, they get sick of it at about the half-way point, like last week.

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