Hollyford Track 2008

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Our Trip Journal

16th Dec, 2008 Routeburn Divide to Lake Alabaster Hut 19.5km 7hrs (5-7hrs suggested time)
17th Dec, 2008 Lake Alabaster Hut to Demon Trail Hut 14.7km 6hrs (4-5hrs suggested time)
18th Dec, 2008 Demon Trail Hut to Hokuri Hut 9.6km 6hrs (5-6hrs suggested time)
19th Dec, 2008 Hokuri Hut to Martins Bay Hut 13km 6.5hrs (4-5hrs suggested time)
20th Dec, 2008 Martins Bay Hut
21st Dec, 2008 Martins Bay Hut to Milford Sound 2km 1hr

Information about the track

The Hollyford Track is spectacular. We took a boat road on the Milford Sound after the track and honestly it held nothing to the track. The highlights are the river crossings (Be safe – we heard plenty of stories about even experienced people drowning due to making risky river crossings), the Demon Trail, and the sense of isolation.

The Demon Trail is amazing, don’t avoid it. Check out the videos.

The Lake Alabaster Hut is the superior of the huts. It is worth the extra effort to get there. I recall almost giving up at about the 16-17km mark, the going was so hard. Now that I look at the track profile I can see how hard the track was at that stage. Worth it though.

Hollyford Track DOC information
TrackNet (The main, if not only, transport operator)

Online Blogs and Trip Journals

Willem & Jolien – Hollyford Track & Pyke-Big Bay route (one of the best blogs that I have read).
Nancy’s Blog – Hollyford Track (as part of a guided group).
Richard Tulloch’s Life on the Road – Hollyford Track (as part of a guided group).
NB. Both these bloggers did their walk as part of guide groups, which we always thought was the soft option, but I am very much taken with the idea of having someone explain all the interesting flora, fauna, and history – it might be something that we consider next time (and there will be a next time, I cannot wait to take my children on this tramp).
RoughlyOriginals – Hollyford Track, self-guided (some great photography).

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