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We have entered the Sydney City-2-Surf every year since Eleanor was born. Our goal is to never miss an event, maybe one day our kids will be part of a new generation of legends. The race is crazy. 80,000 people, people dress up in wild costumes, and spectators get in on the act. There is a house that plays the YMCA song over and over again for hours as 80,000 entrants run past. There is a house full of guys that paint themselves blue and offer everyone hugs. There are bands all along the route.
One day we want to organise some costumes of our own, but for now we are happy just running the event.

The race is divide into different start groups. The front runners leave at 8am, they have finished the race almost two hours before we begin. We push a pram, so have to start in the back-of-the-pack, the orange section. When the start gun goes off for our group it still takes another 20minutes for the group to cross the start line.

map of the startline

Race Results

Year Times
2002 Before we were married. We stayed at my uncle’s place in Sydney. Bill, Cass ~ 1″39′
2010 Cass carried Eleanor in Ergo. Train back to station. Bill ~ 1″39′, Cass, Eleanor (0) ~ 2″08′
2011 Bill pushed Eleanor in the pram. Parked at Bondi Central, drove home Bill, Eleanor (1) ~ 2″01′
2012 Cass carried Harriet in Ergo, Eleanor was in the pram. Bill, Cass, Eleanor (2), Harriet (0) ~ 2″45′
2013 Both girls in the pram most of the way, carried Harriet for some. We stayed at Bondi Beach Bill, Cass, Eleanor (3), Harriet (1) ~ 2″48′
2014 Both girls in the pram. We stayed at darling harbour, and walked from the finish to the train station. Bill, Cass, Eleanor (4), Harriet (2) ~ 2″55′

course route

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