Parkrun are free weekly, 5km timed runs – all around the world. Australia was the second country to start running them, and as such, we have hundreds of them all around the country. There are 10 within an hours drive from us.

I love cross-country runs, and I love this distance. It is achievable by anyone, and walkers are welcome. Mostly I love the comradarie of runners of this distance. It is about mixed age and abilities, and everyone cheering each other on. People talk and encourage each other. It is great. We hope that these events become a part of a fit and healthy lifestyle for our kids as they grow up. There is no competition, winning is unimportant, and volunteering regularly is essential.

Run Results

Date Location Details
20/04/2013 Fingal Bay Cass
27/04/2013 Lake Mac Cass
4/05/2013 Lake Mac Cass
4/05/2013 Lake Mac Cass Bill
9/05/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass Bill
16/05/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass Bill Eleanor
30/05/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass (barcode scanner) Bill Eleanor
6/06/2015 Singleton Cass Bill Eleanor
13/06/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass (marshall) Eleanor (marshall)
20/06/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass Eleanor
27/06/2015 Blue Gum Hills Cass (Tail-End Charlie) Eleanor (Tail-End Charlie)

Favourite events

Fingal Bay
Lake Mac
Blue Gum Hills

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