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We are into our second year of Orienteering now. I am embarrased to say that I still barely know the names of any other club members. Everyone is friendly, but they are not very chatty. I have gotten to know one or two, perhaps it is because I am juggling kids that makes it harder to talk.I want to volunteer, but I need to wait until they kids are older.
Date Location Results
17/01/2016 BOSS 4: Ash Island Bill: 32.0
07/02/2016 BOSS 5: O’Donnelltown Bill: 40.0
17/02/2016 Park 1: Stevenson Park Cass, Eleanor(6), Harriet(4): Short 51:42
28/02/2016 BOSS 5: Pelaw Main Bill: 53.6
10/04/2016 NOY 1: Morundah Bill: Mod. Long 1:33:23
Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3), James(0): Easy mispunched
01/05/2016 NOY 2: Balickera Bill, Eleanor(6): Mod. Short 1:16:05
Cass, Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 40:06
26/06/2016 NOY 4: Kitchener Cass, Eleanor(6), Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 31:57
03/07/2016 NOY 5: Pelton Cass, Eleanor(6), Harriet(3), James(0): Easy 1:01:30
17/07/2016 Minor: Jigajog Bill: Mod. Short 25:43
Cass, Eleanor(6), Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 44:02
24/07/2016 NOY 6: Pothana Cass: Mod. Short mispunched
Bill, Eleanor (6) Mod. Short 1:01:52
Cass, Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 40:48
07/08/2016 NOY 7: Congewai Cass: Mod. Short 1:16:07
Bill: Mod. Short 1:16:46
Cass, Eleanor(6), Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 47:50
18/09/2016 HVC: Wallaroo Bill: MOpenB 53:18 (2nd place)
Cass: WOpenB 1:02:30 (4th place)
Bill, Eleanor(6), Harriet(3), James(0): Very Easy 34:50


Newcastle Orienteering Club Logo
We are new to orienteering, but it has been a sport that I have wanted to get involved in for over 20years. When I was 17 years old I did an event, and it has taken this long to to it again.

Events happen all over the region, and the volunteers are very helpful. It is another example of a sport that a family can do together, that can be challenging and competitive, but also just a lot of fun. Take it however you will. For us, it is a 2-3km walk around the bush looking for checkpoints, and helping the kids become confident reading maps. In the future we hope to be able to tackle some of the more challenging courses for ourselves.

We joined the Newcastle Orienteering Club, it makes the events a lot cheaper, and also adds a bit of incentive to get to every event (because it can be tempting to just want to sleep in on a Sunday morning).

Date Location Results
31/05/2015 NOY3: Barnsley Bill, Cass, Eleanor(5) & Harriet(3): Very Easy 50:52
14/06/2015 Minor: Pelaw Main Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 66:08
21/06/2015 NOY4: Hamburgers Trail Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 95:49
05/07/2015 Minor: The Range Cass: Mod. Long 70:16
Bill, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 75:54
12/07/2015 NOY 5: Southams Rd Cass: Mod. Short 35:23
Bill, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 1:20:43
26/07/2015 NOY 6: Balickera Cass: Mod. Short 47:01
Bill Mod. Short 53:26
Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy 1:10:20
23/08/2015 NOY 8: Decapitated Poppethead Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Easy mispunched
07/10/2015 SS Warmup: Mayfield East Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Walking
14/10/2015 SS 1: Cameron Park Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Walking 29.8
28/10/2015 SS 3: Rathmines Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Walking 24.4
07/10/2015 SS 6: Maitland Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Walking 24.4
07/10/2015 SS 7: Birmingham Gardens Cass, Eleanor(5), Harriet(3): Walking 8.4

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